My Body

The MYbody Education Charitable Trust will develop an interactive simulation game empowering kids to think about their diet and consequently make better choices.


Francis Homer (Teacher)
Afton Hindley (Nutritionist)

Ngaio School Children
Billy Paratene
Sophie Papps
Rowan Smith
Sopfia Xu
Matthew Butel
Cameron Jaine
Julia Mautz
Georgina Mautz
Josh Chambers
Tommy Paramo
Ella Matthews

Mary-Ann Parker (Producer)
Tamas Molnar (Associate Producer)
Horacio Ramirez (Director, Screenwriter and Editor)
Alick Draper (Assistant Director)
Michael McAdam (Director of Photography)
Michelle Bavaresco (Assistant Camera)
Alanna Sulz (Sound Recordist)
Jesse Gonzales (Sound Recordist)
Phil Kurzmann and Aidan Dickens (Animators)
Graham Saxby and Aidan Dickens (Designers)
Elizabeth Medina (Production Assistant)
Hannah Smith (Production Assistant)
Ed Smith (Production Assistant)
Steve Moate (Production Assistant)