Prepair NZ

Prepair NZ is a charitable trust that stands for the prevention of abuse, and the promotion of healthy relationships and self-love. They work preventatively with girls and young women across New Zealand in order to eliminate the confusion between emotional abuse and true love. FFCA partnered with Prepair NZ for their October 2017 ‘#TrueLoveIs' campaign to spark conversations around what love is – and isn't.

Both experienced and new members of FFCA came together to realise this project, which was a meaningful and positive experience for everyone involved. Irene Wakefield's genuine passion for the issue of healthy relationships and self-love truly inspired our crew, who were humbled by the powerful real-life stories shared by her, Christy and Rhiana. FFCA respected the trust they placed in us to deliver a meaningful, powerful film about issues on healthy relationships, emotional abuse and self-love.

The majority of the film was shot in one day at two locations starting at Mane Salon, a venue chosen by our client as they are big supporters of Prepair. Apart from the street noise from the Basin Reserve the day of filming went on without too many challenges. Our amazing editor Josie did a fantastic job in weaving the story together in a moving and compelling way and the client was very impressed. This smooth sailing production was comprised of one shoot, and one pick-up shoot for the update of the film's call to action. The result is seven amazing films!

The first six short clips were released over a week on social media to spread their important message on self-love and to spark conversation about what true love is. As a finale, the short film was released on the day of Prepair NZ's big launch.

Here is what CEO Irene Wakefield had to say about the film:

'I absolutely LOVE it. Thank you so much for all the love and effort you've put into it as well! The girls I'm sure will really love and appreciate it too. I think it's come out really beautifully in the end. Absolutely looking forward to sharing this…'

Another thing that's so awesome about Prepair NZ is that these guys are highly approachable. Their dedicated team members encourage everyone to get girls and young women of New Zealand involved in their discussion on healthy relationships; via their webpage, on Facebook and on Instagram where their growing community share their stories daily. In the past two years, Prepair NZ has achieved some pretty huge stuff; they've been represented on the TEDX Wellington stage, Festival for the Future and Otago Silver Lines Festival. They have also worked alongside It's Not OK, local police, youth groups and local council (source


Irene Wakefield
Christy Lange
Rhianna Clarke

Mane Salon (Hair)
Shimada Waiwai (Makeup)
Montana Hurndell (Film Support)
Kate Key (Design)
Flowers Manuela (Flowers)
Glassons NZ (Stockist)

Music by Audioblocks

Rose Tees designed by:
Irene Wakefield, Kate Key and Devanga Wanigasinghe

Helen Brasting (Co-Producer/Director)
Dan Alexander (Co-Producer/Director)
Gavin Tracey (Assistant Director)
Connor Lee (Cinematographer)
Emma Armishaw (Lighting/Camera 2)
Michelle Bavaresco (Sound Recordist)
Josie Mason (Editing/Data Wrangler)
Nathan Mallinger (Photographer)
Jesse Gonzales (Second Unit Camera)