Platform Trust - It Matters campaign - Office scene

Film for Change Aotearoa has created two short films as part of the it matters! campaign ( The campaign is an initiative of Platform Trust that aims to highlight the ‘elephant in the room’ - the need to improve support available to people experiencing mental health and addictions issues in New Zealand. This first film, starring Neill Rea, shows just how hard we have to work to ignore a problem. Both films aim to encourage a groundswell of public support for this issue to prompt political action.The films were made possible by funds donated from Platform members and generous donations of time from actors and film crews working with Film for Change Aotearoa, Tigerstew Productions and Changing Minds. Platform gratefully acknowledges these contributions.


Lucy Allan (Director)
Tasman Roy (Producer)
Helen Anderson (Screenwriter)
Hans Weston (Director of Photography)
Arun Biswas (Editor)
Elizabeth Medina (Sound Recorder, Production Assistant)
Ella Steele (Production Assistant)
Catriona McLagan (Executive Producer)
Tamas Molnar (Executive Producer)
Auckland unit
Taimi Allan (Director, Key Grip)
Neesha Brenner (Camera)
Kieran Morehead (Best boy)
Maza White (Makeup)
Stewart Allan (Music)
Neill Rea
Hamish Boyle - 'John'
Sarah Tuck - 'Ellie' the elephant
Special thanks
Tigerstew Productions
Changing Minds