Not All Superheroes Wear Capes

GirlGuiding New Zealand offers girls and young women opportunities to enjoy a wide range of activities and outdoor adventures so they reach their potential and can make a difference in the world. This film seeks new volunteer leaders for the organisation while celebrating the diversity of adventure and discovery that await young women at GirlGuiding New Zealand. To join them go to: This film was a true collaboration. All artwork was created by the wonderful Laura King who drew up characters and locations based on the script we developed with GirlGuiding New Zealand. Once all the artwork was complete we invited Brownies and Guides to cut out the characters and animate them for the film. Not only that but the girls did sound effects as well as the two lead characters’ voices!


Jesse Gonzales (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)
Laura King (Artwork)
Helen Brasting (Story)
Jamie Adams (Screenwriter)
Elyse Phee (Behind the Scenes)
Gavin Tracey (Behind the Scenes)
Tamas Molnar (Producer, Voice over)
Shu Run Yap (Assistant producer)
Annabelle Williamson (Special thanks)
Alexandra Hall (Cast)
Zoe Kaufman (Cast)
Sophia Barclay (Cast)
Bessie Martin (Cast)
Aliya Ranchhod (Cast)
Caitlin Leogreen (Cast)
Samantha Graham (Cast)