Changing the Tide

In the climate-change-ravaged, not-so-distant future of Wellington, New Zealand, Aunt Jamie and Sam must travel back to 2016 to try and right the destructive course humanity is on. It's up to them (and you) to help save the future. Changing the Tide is a short film, made by Film for Change in collaboration with Keep a Cool World.


Stacey Duncan (Sam)
Gretchen Murray (Adult Jamie)
Mia Woodley (Young Jamie)
Nellica Adaway (Mum)
Grant Bebon (Reporter)
Connor Lee (Cinematographer)
Thomas Weddell (Gaffer)
Sean Robinson (Gaffer)
Dylan Church (Location Sound Recordist)
Stephen Riddell (Location Sound Recordist)
Trent Williams (Location Sound Recordist, ADR Recordist)
Yong-Le Chong (Sound Design)
Kenyon Shankie (Music)
Douglas Chubb (Visual Effects)
Manasi Subramanian (Additional VFX)
Samuel Paul Archer (Additional VFX, Colourist)
Chrystal Ashford (Trailer Colourist)
Jonathan Mines (Editor)
Kasey Collins (Art Direction)
Lucas Neal (Props Designer)
Erica Gesmundo (Make-up Artist)
Kevin Hwang (Storyboard Artist)
Kate Burney (Script Supervisor)
Guruveloo Applanaidu (Runner)
Dr. James Renwick (Scientific Consultant)
Courtney Rose-Brown (Screenplay)
Jonathan Mines (Director)
Tasman Roy (Producer)
Emily Fong (Producer)
Christine Thomson (Executive Producer)