St Vincent de Paul Society of Wellington

For close to 150 years the St. Vincent de Paul Society has provided much needed services to those in need. This film celebrates the enthusiasm of the organisation’s volunteers (the vincentians) by showcasing some of the diverse services they provide. Most of us recognise Vinnies through the windows of their second hand shops. Come in for a closer look, you might be pleasantly surprised... The film will be used in-house to offer current and future vincentians rich and varied opportunities of work under the auspice of St. Vincent de Paul.


Aaron Bell (Director)
Tamas Molnar (Producer)
Vivian May (Co-producer)
Jesse Gonzales (Camera operator)
Ashley Waters (Cast)
Omar Faruque (Cast)
Gretchen Murray (Voice over)
Emily Fong (Production Assistant/Extra)
Sade Adeniji (Production Assistant/Extra)
Jamie Adams (Production Assistant/Extra)