Generosity New Zealand

Generosity NZ needed a short instructional film to go on their website. The main purpose being to inform people about what it is GNZ do, and more importantly what it is they don't do. They're often misunderstood as an organisation that provides funding, and we wanted to dispel that myth while letting people know how they assist fund seekers.


Sarah Dewbery (Animator)
Alex Glasspool (Producer, Script Writer)
Tasman Roy (Creative Lead, Sound Recordist, Camera)
Angelica Thomas (Cast)
Richard Markwitz (Cast)
Oscar Rui Cheng Ye (Cast)
Guru Appalanaidu (Cast)
Max Nunes-Cesar (Cast)
Zina Gladiadis (Voiceover)
Connor Lee (Cast, Camera Assistant)
Paul Trlin (Cast)
Jamie Adams (Cast)