'Joining forces with Film for Change to come up with a fun and engaging way to tell the Kaibosh story has been a great experience - we've really appreciated their creative input and professional approach. They also work hard to foster a supportive and welcoming culture, which means that all their volunteers (be they new or experienced film-makers) get something valuable out of being involved. Bravo Film for Change!'

This was a really fun project to work on as it involved a lot of creativity and two very different forms of filmmaking. Kaibosh were after a different style of filmmaking, one that wouldn’t date easily and one that showed off the fresh produce they work to distribute. So we put it to the team and decided on a timelapse food collage. And in following with Kaibosh’s mission all the food used in the film was handled very carefully and none of it was wasted!

The nature of the project meant we could train up new filmmakers on the journey which was awesome. The set design, lighting, camera work, directing and sound recording was all done collaboratively while teaching new skills to members of our team. We even got to collaborate with Kaibosh directly, with Anoushka providing the graphics for the animation, the script and the voice over. Martin, also part of the Kaibosh team, even composed the music for the clip!

The shoot was awesome and by the end everyone was hungry, and not for sweet things! We had all been smelling delicious bread, fruit and veges for hours and the healthy catering options were the first to go!

Kaibosh Food Rescue is a pretty awesome group working towards Zero Food Poverty, Zero Food Waste. They take the excess food that normally winds up in landfills and get it to the people that need it the most.

Their volunteers help to collect and sort food and they even have a waiting list of people wanting to help out! The really awesome part is that they partner directly with community groups to get the food out to people who need it. So if you're working with hungry people, or you’re overflowing with quality surplus food that you don't want to be throwing out check them out!

Anoushka, Volunteer and Communications Manager of Kaibosh says: 'Kaibosh loves being a part of the Wellington community. We're able to do what we do because of the many people who are involved in our work, whether that's as food donors, community groups, funders, volunteers or supporters. We've been particularly humbled by the interest in Food Rescue Heroes - we feel very lucky to have such committed people on our side.'


Helen Brasting (Producer and Creative Director)
Anoushka Isaac (Visual Artist, Concept Collaborator and Voiceover)
Martin Andrews (Music)
Mateusz Zebrowski and Jennifer Monk (Sound Recordists)
Arun Biswas, Helen Brasting and Jesse Gonzales (Editors)
Ruby Cumming (Crew)
Krystal Thompson (Crew)
Mauricio Barra (Crew)
Hans Weston (Crew)
Katie Ayling (Crew)
Monique James (Crew)
Jesse Gonzales (Crew)
Sophie Kemp (Crew)
Yana Brewster (Crew)