The Summer in Dowse Square Pirate Adventures

As part of the Summer in the Dowse event in 2016, Film for Change ran three green screen functions, in which we took kids on pirate adventures through time and space. These are those films.


Helen Brasting (Producer, Good pirate)
Tamas Molnar (Producer)
Jesse Gonzales (Camera, Gaffer, Editor)
Paulina Carvajal (Editor)
Gwenaƫl Prost (Bad pirate)
DanaƩ Thomas (Stills photographer)
Rezaan Ombler-Vrey (Good pirate)
Te Rina Taite (Bad pirate)
Viktoria Blix (Kid wrangler, Backup pirate)
Arun Biswas (Animator, Production assistant)
Mauricio Barra (Animator)
Kirsty Robinson (Social media champion)