Tales of Taita - Art at the Centre

A short documentary about the art projects related to the new Walter Nash Centre, featuring Jen Boland, Pippa Sanderson, and Sheyne Tuffery. The overall goal of these art projects was not only to create beautiful and expressive decorations for the new Walter Nash Centre, but to personalise the space so that the local community would feel a connection to it. The huge success of the Centre shows that the people of the area do feel a strong sense of ownership and belonging in the space. In their first month of opening they had through four times as many people as they predicted.


Katie Ayling (Editor)
Helen Brasting (Director, Producer, Sound editor)
Jesse Gonzales (Camera, Sound Recordist)
Sophie Kemp (Sound recordist, Camera)
Jen Mac (Sound recordist, Camera)
Julie Bevan (Composer)