Five-in-Five Webinar

A webinar presentation explaining the strategic plan for Deaf Aotearoa over the next five years, made in collaboration with Deaf Aotearoa and Creature Design. This project was shot in one day in a studio with a green screen. It was then put together and broadcast to all the Deaf Aotearoa headquarters all over the country on one day. Without this video, Deaf Aotearoa would have had to take considerably more time and effort to prepare individual presentations to be delivered separately around the country. Instead, this film was streamed to each of their offices, thus delivering a consistent message to a large audience in a practical and accessible format.


Helen Brasting (Producer)
Jesse Gonzales (Producer, Camera, Editor, Sound, Visual effects)
Grace (Production assistant)
Lachlan Keating (Presenter)
Creature Design (Graphics, Animation)