Aro Valley Community Centre

The Aro Valley Community Centre is a real focal point of activities in this beloved neighborhood of Wellington. It hosts the annual Aro Valley Fair as well as fun events such as a dress up table tennis tournament. The film also documents the amazing environmental sustainability initiatives of the centre from the community garden and compostorium through the installation of a set of solar panels on the building to a community bike loan scheme.


Angelique Collins (Production assistant)
Caryl Illana (Editor)
Dave Chatterton (Camera, Sound recordist)
Femke Schouten (Production assistant)
Helen Brasting (Director, Sound recordist)
Jesse Gonzales (Camera)
Krystal Thompson (Editor)
Neil Meekin (Camera)
Seb Mrowinski (Composer)
Tamas Molnar (Producer, Camera)
Zac Metin (Camera)
Jaqui Tutt (Photos)