One Sentence (Director’s Cut)

JustSpeak's entry in 48 Hours 2014, from Wellington, New Zealand. This film was a joint project of JustSpeak and Film for Change Aotearoa. Making this film with the kaupapa of a charity in mind was a fun extra challenge. The great thing about this project was that we had a fantastic guaranteed audience for the film, to whom we conveyed a message of positivity in an enjoyable format.


Helen Brasting (Producer, Writer, Sound design)
Jesse Gonzales (Director, Writer, Camera, Editor, Sound design, Actor)
Mauricio Barra (Sound design, Graphics, Gaffer)
Lydia Nobbs (Editor)
Jennifer Currie (Actor)
Emma Rose Luxton (Actor)
Juliet Luxton (Actor)
Sebastian Mrowinski (Composer)