Wellington Rape Crisis Call for Submissions

This announcement was shot for Wellington Rape Crisis in 2013 and is one of the first projects we ever worked on. This clip enabled Wellington Rape Crisis (WRC) to reach wider audiences and accompanied a 2013 social media call for submissions. Agency Manager of WRC Natalie Gousmett, invites the public to call for a much needed rise in government funding. With increasing demands on services, Natalie illustrates precisely how we can urge government to increase their financial contribution and make our submissions heard. A simple PSA like this filmed with Natalie around a funding crisis the organisation faced was one of our most impactful films. Within a week $50,000 was raised for the organisation and they were able to keep their doors open five days a week.

“While working as the Manager of Wellington Rape Crisis, Film for Change undertook a number of volunteer photography and film assignments for us and I also referred them to other community groups for filming work they needed. In particular, on several occasions we wanted to use a short film to tell a story or give a message to our members and supporters. Film enabled us to get our message to a wider audience of people who may not generally read a full email from us, it helped us connect with a younger audience and was easier to spread through social media than a written message. Our Film for Change volunteer was extremely helpful and professional, taking the time to ensure we got the best take and editing to a high standard. For an organisation with very little funding, having Film for Change provide this service for free was invaluable and really helped us get our message out there and to tell our story in a different way.”
- Natalie Gousmett (Wellington Rape Crisis)

For current information on WRC visit http://wellingtonrapecrisis.org.nz


Helen Brasting (Producer)
Jesse Gonzales (Camera)
Natalie Gousmett (Presenter)